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jo jevents JEvents is a well known, loved and No.1 rated Calendar extension for Joomla! Which consists of a number of modules and plugins.


  • One-off Events and complex repeating patterns of events can be created and viewed in an attractive calendar and a variety of list formats.
  • Multiple design layouts possible.
  • Fully compatible with Joomla MVC framework. Ical imports/exports.
  • Repeat exception handling.
  • Events can be placed in multiple categories and calendar views can be customised to show all or some of these categories.
  • Layout editing tool to perfect the presentation on your site.
  • Optional checking for overlapping events globally or on a category specific basis.


  • Mini-calendar (jevents_cal) - which gives a quick overview of events which can be placed on any page.
  • Latest events (jevents_latest) - which gives a highly configurable summary of upcoming, recently created or popular events.
  • Events legend (jevents_legend) - displayed alongside the component gives you a summary of event categories and an easy way to limit the events shown to specific categories.
  • Filter module (jevents_filter) - allows you to filter/search the events being displayed using a variety of criteria.
  • Custom detail (jevents_custom) - provides the ability to show custom parts of JEvents in a module.


  • A search plugin that enables the global Joomla search to return results from the events calendar.
  • A finder plugin that works with the Joomla! finder system.

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