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jo faqsv3 All new FAQs Component

The component allows you to display categorized FAQs quickly and easily on your Joomla website.

Its a complete rewrite of the old FAQs Lite component, with the new functionality that Joomla 3 provides. It is bootstrap based, and supports easily customizable templates.

  • Unlimited categories : Organize your FAQs with multiple categorie.
  • Nested Categories : Full support for nested categories.
  • Multiple FAQ 'sets' : Allow multiple instances of the component on your site.
  • Tags : Apply tags to your FAQs for easier browsing and organization for your users.
  • Attachments : Quickly and easily attach files to your FAQs.
  • Ratings : Allows your users to easily rate your FAQs, allowing you to determine where content needs improving.
  • Flexible view modes : Display categories inline, accordion, new page, modals, popups etc.
  • Template system : All new template system allowing you to fully customize the HTML for the component on your site without editing any files.
  • Downloadable templates : Download new templates for your FAQs.
  • Comments integration : Integrate with various comments systems including Disqus, JComments, Kommento etc.
  • Flexible module : Highly customizable module that can display any part of the component in a module position.
  • Content Plugin : Flexible content plugin allowing any part of the component to be displayed within an article, or any what that supports content plugins on your site.

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